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Serving clients worldwide.

Harnessing the power of analytics to fuel creative social media content.

Why Morii Social Media?

The current social media space can be a little overwhelming.

Brands are often lured into following the crowd, adopting a one-size-fits-all approach to social media. But hey, we're not here to add to that noise.


Chances are, you've heard some of these "golden rules" floating around lately:

  • Post daily.

  • Post only short-form videos.

  • Paid ads are the only way to grow.

  • Just stick to 3 content pillars.


Sounds familiar, doesn't it? While those tips have their merits, we're here to help you see beyond the shiny distractions. You need a plan that's meticulously tailored to your unique business objectives.

Our approach to crafting and launching content strategies for brands has a track record of success. The tactics we incorporate yield results, like boosting brand visibility, driving engagement, and increasing customer lifetime value.

Asian girl sitting in a boho cafe holding a camra and smiling to the camera.
Jessica Lau, Founder

Client Love

Vincent C


Jessica, the owner of Morii, is amazing. She is extremely mindful of the challenges businesses face in order to grow and tackle them. She takes the initiative and ensures that the business owners are able to focus on the product or on the business. She has extremely creative ideas and is able to single handedly engage influencers. Definitely recommend!

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